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"Find out what you want."

Many couples feel they have very few options throughout pregnancy and birth. Most obstetricians do not encourage the couple's active participation in creating a pregnancy and birth plan.

When Dr. Cole began as an obstetrician, he followed a regimented minimum-option, do-it-my-way obstetrics practice. For years now he has advocated the many options available for a safe and uncomplicated pregnancy, while remaining within the bounds of courage and open-mindedness. An experienced obstetrician can support and enhance the parents' personal birth creation.

Consider the following available birthing options:
  • Creation of a gentle, peaceful, loving atmosphere
  • Attendance of appropriate family and support people
  • Ambulation, or walking, during labor
  • Use of a whirlpool
  • Avoidance of IV's, enemas, and major prep (shaving)
  • Position of mother during labor and delivery
  • Use of dim lights, calm music, a peaceful environment
  • Water birth instead of bed birth
  • Sibling involvement
  • Have a family participant cut the cord, take photos, talk to the unborn/newborn child
  • Intermittent fetal heart monitoring vs. continuous monitoring

Also consider the following options for pain management and relief:
  • Self-confidence and positive expectations of self control
  • Loving support from family and birth team
  • Acupuncture
  • Hypnosis
  • Massage
  • Trans Epidermal Nerve Stimulator (TENS) Units
  • Whirlpool
  • Pain medication (injection or IV)
  • Epidural
Whatever you seek for relief, bear in mind that there are no failures due to choice, nor are medals handed out for endurance.

Cesarean is an option when that option is medically indicated. It should not be considered a failure. Remember, without it some babies and/or mothers would be at great risk. Non-emergency cesareans can have the same gentle atmosphere as a vaginal delivery if everyone cooperates.

Discuss these options early in your prenatal care, and don't be intimidated or afraid to request reasonable options. Over many years, Dr. Cole has learned and proved to himself that what he was taught as rigid, necessary protocol really could be loosened to enhance the birthing process. Help introduce your obstetrician to a more loving, gentle approach.