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"The birthing experience can be enhanced by recognizing the higher spiritual aspects surrounding pregnancy, birth, and the creation of life, and the participation of the unborn child."

We as parents and obstetricians have been greatly fooled by the unborn child. Its physical helplessness dulls our insight to the fact that it is indeed very actively involved in its own conception, pregnancy and birth. "I have learned this through many years of research, observation, and experimentation in the spiritual aspects of life and birth, as have many other researchers" says Dr. Cole.

For example, almost all mothers know, or sense, the value of talking to the unborn child. Research as shown that unborn children respond to Dad's or Mom's arrival, touch, song or voice. Newborns look up at Mom or Dad and smile, and they often turn toward Mom or Dad when they hear their "pregnancy" song sung or played.

Most purely scientific and closed-minded researchers and physicians would criticize or dismiss these real truths. This is because they focus only on the physical body and ignore the non-physical, but undeniable, mind and soul.

Don't be fooled. Take advantage of the inborn knowledge that your loving attitude and communication will have great influence over your newly conceived and unborn child. This will create positive results and your best opportunity for a good birth outcome.

The mind and soul of newborns are well developed long before birth takes place. Loving thoughts, words and deeds are very healing, calming and encouraging to unborn and newborn babes. Family and friends should endeavor to reflect a loving attitude and understand the undeniable awareness of the unborn or newborn child.

The unborn child is by no means an innocent bystander in conception, pregnancy and birth. Don't merely focus on its helpless physical characteristics. Love conquers all. Open your mind to your total holistic self as well as that of your unborn. You have the power. Use it.