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"The three keys to a good birth experience are education, preparation, and a positive attitude."

Parents should be aware that a complete and unique parent-child bonding process begins long before birth. It grows throughout pregnancy, and is magnified after birth.

The best start on any pregnancy will be achieved within the environment of a close, loving relationship and the shared desire to bring new life into the world. Along with this, the smoothest transition into pregnancy occurs when it is planned.

Well before birth, the child is a very intuitive being, very much aware of environmental happenings and emotions that occur beyond the mother's uterus. Loving communications with the baby, and a healthy, positive outlook have a definite effect on the development and personality of the unborn child, as well as the newborn.

Sincere love and nurturing can help the unborn and newborn child develop into a well-adjusted, productive and happy person. The unborn child benefits greatly when the family talks lovingly to it, shares many activities with it, and gets to know the baby by using intuitive senses some people refer to mother's intuition. The family must not feel self-conscious about doing this, and should strongly encourage others to do so as well, for it is a very natural and beneficial thing to do.

There are a number of steps that can be taken to see that the newest member of your family has a wonderful first impression:
  • Make the pregnancy a family affair, involving all family members. This begins the bonding process and eases the newborn's transition into the family.
  • Contemplate and communicate how you, as a family, want your birth experience to be carried out.
  • Take care of your body during pregnancy: eat sensibly, exercise, and rest. Make it a priority to break detrimental habits - smoking, drinking alcohol, and drug consumption - before you get pregnant.
  • Find a qualified obstetrician who is willing to listen to your desires, personalize the birth and prenatal experiences, encourage family involvement, and show care and empathy for the child and family.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions. Your obstetrician should encourage questions, not avoid them.
  • When you, the parents, have decided what kind of delivery you want, consider changing doctors if you don't see eye to eye with the care provider you're seeing. Stick to your convictions. It's OK and it's smart to do this. Don't be afraid. Remember, it is your birth experience, not the obstetrician's.
  • Visit the labor and delivery unit at the hospital where your obstetrician delivers. Talk to the nurses. You can learn a lot from them about the philosophies and techniques of various doctors.
  • Create your own emotional environment through visualization, meditation, and positive thinking. Positive attitudes and thoughts create positive, joyful experiences. Look forward to them.
  • Do not proceed with your birth experience based on the negative influence of others. Move forward with an open, loving heart. Let go of the notions and the well-intentioned advice from others concerning labor and delivery. Do not talk yourself into expecting significant pain.
  • Work with Mother Nature, not against her.