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The Gentle Greeting will help you and your family create a wonderful pregnancy and birth experience. Written by an enlightened obstetrician, this book emphasizes both the medical and the spiritual aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. From pre-pregnancy planning through delivery and beyond, Dr. Ronald Cole combines a medically sound foundation with a positive connection of the mind and body to help you create a loving, safe, gentle greeting for your baby.

With a caring hand, The Gentle Greeting will show you how to:
  • Understand your childbirth options so you can design the birth experience you want
  • Choose an obstetrician who will work with you to help you understand and implement safe, individualized choices for pregnancy and birthing
  • Establish an early bond with the baby through loving thoughts and communication during the pregnancy
  • Involve the entire family, especially the father, in the pregnancy and birthing experience
  • Encourage sound medical and physical preparation, incorporating holisitic techniques such as visulization, meditation and yoga

Enlightened Water Birth Video
"Your baby deserves love and a safe, natural birth. See how you can create the ultimate first impression." An enlightened birth advocate illustrates a loving use of natural home birth techniques in a hospital environment. Spiritual principles are added to best assist Mother Nature. For some couples, water birth provides a unique opiton for those wanting more involvement and responsibility. This video disscusses the principles of a hospital-based water birth and provides two loving examples of water birth.