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Make it a Loving One

By Ronald L. Cole, M.D.

We have all heard the expression, "You only get one chance to make a good first impression." There is a lot of truth and wisdom to that expression. Where else could this better apply than to our very first experience in this world, an experience we call birth.

In general, do we create a good, and loving, lasting impression at most birth experiences today? Lasting, yes, but good and loving, no! Should we even worry or concern ourselves with it? The answer is a resounding YES, not only for the unborn/newborn child, for all the the family as well.

Many people, physicians and parents alike, wonder why we should be overly concerned about making an effort to give the newborn child a loving first impression. Supposedly, the infant is not old enough to truly know what's taking place at birth. They believe it's just a "helpless infant," insensitive to the activities around it at the time of birth. Nothing could be further from the truth. This incorrect concept leads to many misconceptions in life. We as humans have become so entrenched in the physical aspects of life that we have suppressed the most important and eternal non-physical (or mind and spiritual) aspects.

Indeed, there is a very great awareness and consciousness in the unborn and newborn child. We come into this life with evolved psychic abilities to know the feelings and emotions around us. Unfortunately, parents often unknowingly work hard very early in life convincing their young children that they should only rely on the "real" and physical aspects and suppress the non-physical, which is, in reality, the most important aspect. Based on years of personal research and application of this understanding, there is no doubt that all of this is true. Other researchers are discovering this fact also.

Actually, there is a huge amount of literature available today to fully support what I have personally seen in my office and in birth rooms through the years. Several of the books I make available to my patients on the non-physical aspects of the unborn/newborn are: The Secret Life of the Unborn Child by Dr. Thomas Verny, Life Before Life by Helen Wambach, Ph.D., and Ideal Birth by Sondra Ray.

Irrefutable evidence has shown that we all carry a subconscious and detailed memory of our birth experience, and this can influence us throughout our entire lifetime. So, we can therefore see that for all of the family members present (parents, siblings and the unborn/newborn) there is a lasting first impression made at birth.

Let's take a look at some of the other reasons why most birth experiences today are rather impersonal and mechanical, and create a very poor first impression. Both physicians and parents, as well as others in society, should take responsibility for their individual roles in contributing to this poor first impression for the new arrival. Society, as a whole, has become high tech and fast paced. Along with the daily pressures and materialism thus created, we simply don't take time, or even feel we have time to "stop and smell the roses" and truly appreciate the true inner beauty that is within all of us. In line with this approach, we don't feel there is time to truly appreciate the miracle of birth.