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Kingsville Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

The Kingsville Record
By Georgia Wingate Rozelle

Kingsville's newest doctor says he was looking for a change of pace when he and his wife, Belinda, made the decision to come to Kingsville after living in the Houston area for 35 years.

Dr. Ronald Cole is the new obstetrics and gynecologist here in Kingsville, with his office in the new Christus Spohn Health Tower that is adjacent to the local hospital.

Cole, a native of Missouri, started out as a civil engineer in the petrochemical industry. He says that profession wasn't what his inner self had in mind, but he had told himself he wasn't capable of becoming a physician.

Then, a life-changing event took place – Cole's second son was born with spina bifida and the urge to become a physician was rekindled within him.

He says that because of his experience with his son's condition he has been on the patient side of the fence and that as a physician he wanted to make sure that his patients had experiences that were pleasant.

He new office suites reflect the just-so engineer's placement of items, combined with the tranquility of soothing color, calming pictures and no chrome.

"This is the 'lavender lair,'" said Cole of his offices. "I want my patients to be as comfortable as possible and for the staff and office to reflect the person."

The person reflected, Cole, is one who collects antique microscopes and medical instruments, his great-great-grandfather's (a minister and physician) books and instruments of the trade.

The walls of his tranquil personal office are covered with large framed memorabilia of two great minds – Einstein and Walt Disney. A third wall has an enormous framed collection of Apollo 11 memorabilia.

Cole said that when he arrived at the hospital to see the rooms tht would be his office, they were bare and the floors were austerely tiled.

Waterfalls, low lighting

What a difference some lavender hued wallpaper, border and carpeting can make – all enhanced with wooden or upholstered furniture – not a piece of chrome in site. And, each examination room features a waterfall and low lighting to help create a soothing atmosphere.

"My approach in treatment is holistic," said Cole. "We are mind, body and sould, and I pay attention to all three."

He said he firmly believes that fear is one of the greatest causes of pain and that patients who choose to be informed can overcome that and heal themselves.

"Medicine gives us the mechanics to cure – physicians don't heal anybody," Cole said. "True healing comes from people themselves and I believe in educating people so they can heal themselves."

He said he offeres to teach individual patients as little or as much as they want to know and acknowledges that some people don't want to know anything.

Cole said that his philosophy wasn't always this way and that right out of medical school he was what he considered to be the "typical" ob-gyn doctor delivering babies in a sterile environment.

Then he started the spiritual way of life and realized that birth needed to be a bit more gentle.

"I got involved with the family in the birth process, dimmed the lights, played relaxing music and took the sterility out of it," said Cole.

So radical was this approach that one hospital asked Cole to stop such practices. But he continued and wrote a book, "The Gentle Greeting," about what he believes should be an informed and educated manner of birth.